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Choreographer: Ron Lewis

Dancers: Liza Minelli, Natalie Lomonte, Nadine Isenegger

Starring: Natalie Lomonte & Christopher Tierney

Director: Rebecca Faulkenberry



A film by RJ Muna, courtesy of

Choreogrphed, Performed and Produced by

Natalie Lomonte & Katherine Helen Fisher


*Official Music Video*

Music by Stephanie Carlin (Avidya)

Choreography by Natalie Lomonte

Danced by Adam Roberts, Whitney Sprayberry

Directed by Chelsea Stoutenburgh

Music by Jeremy Schonfeld

Choreography by Natalie Lomonte

Performed by Ashley Adamek, Tsarra Bequette, Ari Loeb, Christopher Tierney, Maxx Taylor Reed, Adam Roberts, Meg Schiffer, Whitney Sprayberry 


Dancers: Natalie Lomonte, Heather Magee, Danielle McFall, Yasmine Lee, Kara Oculato,

                                Jaime Verazin

NY Premiere @ the Joyce Teater, Jan 2015

Commissioned by Parsons Dance

Choreography by Natalie Lomonte

Performed by Sarah Braverman, Elena d'Amario, Eoghan Dillon, Christina Ilisije, Omar Roman de Jesus, Geena Pacareu, Ian Spring

(rough cut)

Music by Joaquin Cotler

Choreography by Natalie Lomonte

Danced by Nicole Adjeleian, Eoghan Dillon


Director: Nick Flint

Choreographer by Natalie Lomonte

Performed by Sarah-Jane Casey, Peter Saide


Choreography: Natalie Lomonte

Original Music: Matt Caplan

Performers: Ashley Adamek, Marcus Bellamy 

Within (Joyce 2015, Parsons Dance)
Natalie Lomonte

Within (Joyce 2015, Parsons Dance)

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